5 Key Benefits of Vinyl Siding | Vinyl Siding Advantages

Is your home exterior looking weatherbeaten and unattractive? New vinyl siding could be the key to increasing your home’s curb appeal and making homeownership easier in many ways. Vinyl siding is a leading choice for residential siding in many parts of the United States. Majestic Exteriors, the go-to source for siding services in Colts Neck, NJ, invites you to explore the design potential and practical benefits of vinyl siding.

1. Durable

Exterior vinyl siding is long-lasting, repels moisture, and does not rot. Your new vinyl siding can last a generation or more. Modern vinyl siding has colors that resist fading from exposure to sunlight and the elements.

2. Easy To Maintain

The smooth surface of vinyl siding does not trap dust, dirt, and plant material the way a rough or porous building material might. Cleaning vinyl siding with a garden hose, some soap, and a sponge is usually a breeze. Power washing vinyl siding is an easy way to get rid of stubborn stains or discoloration.

3. Economical

Vinyl siding is simpler to manufacture than many other types of exterior siding materials, so the cost can be significantly lower. For example, vinyl siding costs a fraction of wood siding per square foot.

4. Acts as an Insulator

Insulated vinyl siding adds an extra layer of protection against the cold, potentially reducing your winter heating bills. Some types of vinyl siding come with foam insulation to further reduce heating costs. Furthermore, light-colored siding can make it easier to keep your house cool in the summer by reflecting sunlight.

Vinyl siding is a sound choice for homeowners who want to reduce their carbon footprint by making their heating and cooling more efficient. The Vinyl Siding Institute, a trade organization, reports that using vinyl siding reduces environmental impact by 83% compared to bricks and mortar.

5. Comes in Many Sizes and Colors

Manufacturers can synthesize vinyl siding in any color on the spectrum and mold it into shapes and textures to suit your decor. Vinyl siding can simulate the look of natural building materials at a lower cost.

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