How Much Siding Do I Need? - An Estimation Guide

How Much Siding Do I Need? – An Estimation Guide

When preparing to re-side your home, you might ask yourself, “How much siding do I need?” Knowing the amount of siding helps you establish a budget for the project so you have an estimate of what to expect in terms of material costs. At Majestic Exteriors LLC, we’re your siding experts in Colts Neck, NJ. We want you to make informed decisions when selecting your siding and contractor, so we’re here to educate you on estimating the amount of siding you need for your siding project.    

How To Measure Siding

With a little measuring and math, it’s easy to estimate how much siding material you need for your home. Siding comes in 100-square-foot pieces, so your contractor needs to know the surface area of your home to order the right amount of siding. To measure for siding, follow these steps:  

Sides of Your Home

First, measure the height and width of your home’s exterior walls, not including the gables. Multiplying the height times the width of the sides gives you the total square footage.

Dormers and Gables

Next, measure the other areas of your home. For oddly shaped portions, break them down into basic shapes (triangles, rectangles, or squares) and measure them that way. When measuring triangles, remember that the area is the base multiplied by the height and divided by two. 

Windows and Doors

Now, measure the height and width of any areas not covered by siding, like doors, windows, and the garage. Most windows average about six square feet, so multiply that by the number of windows in your home.  

Once you’ve measured everything, add the total square footage for the sides and other areas. Subtract the square footage of the uncovered areas from that number, and divide the total by 100. The result is the number of siding squares you need to order. 

Choose Majestic Exteriors for Your Siding Project

At Majestic Exteriors, we’re here to guide you as you answer the question, “How much siding do I need?” We understand the importance of researching types of siding and comparing prices to get the best value for your home. Re-siding your home is a big project, so finding the right materials and installer is essential. Call Majestic Exteriors today at 848-863-6775, and let us utilize our years of experience to install new siding on your Colts Neck, NJ, home.