How To Choose the Perfect Bungalow-Style Windows

Many homeowners interested in installing new windows for their homes aren’t sure as to which style to choose. Between different size requirements and style specifications, you may feel confused about what might work best for your needs. This process requires careful thought and consideration to guarantee you select windows that match your home.

Finding bungalow-style windows for your home can be daunting. Don’t worry: Colts Neck’s window and door installation professionals at Majestic Exteriors are here to help. Below, we explain how to choose the perfect bungalow-style windows for your home.

What Are Bungalow-Style Windows?

Bungalow-style windows rely on a relaxed, subtle construction. These windows stand out by conveying warmth and charm with a unique artistic flair. This Craftsman style remains popular over a hundred years after its creation.

Types of Bungalow-Style Windows

Bungalow windows are as diverse in style as you’d expect.


Double-hung bungalow windows use two panes, opening in a vertical direction. These windows often feature leaded glass construction. Double-hung windows are sturdy and easy to use, coming in many varieties and styles for you to consider.


Unlike double-hung windows, casement windows open outward. They work well in pairs. Homeowners often choose casement windows to take advantage of natural light exposure.

Other Factors To Consider

When deciding to update or replace your windows with bungalow-style windows, there are other important details to consider, such as your preferred type of glass and wood.

Antique stained glass windows are a timeless and inspired choice for homeowners keen on accentuating a vintage property’s charm. Craftsman-style homes have historically made ample use of stained glass, and you can have a part in continuing this tradition by doing the same. Leaded glass is another authentic choice that many homeowners prioritize for reliability.

Bungalow windows typically use stained wood to afford a natural and authentic look. Choosing a lighter shade of wood stain or a specific paint color to change things up can add flair. Given how distinctive bungalow windows are in their design, it doesn’t take much to personalize them to your liking.

Expert Window Installation Services in Colts Neck

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