Should My House Have Matching Windows and Doors?

Several home features present opportunities for creativity in aesthetic design. Your home’s windows and doors are critical to its presentation and curb appeal. When looking for replacements, some factors are crucial to maintaining your home’s exterior beauty.

First, you don’t need to have completely matching windows and doors. While consistency can be attractive, so can alternative patterns. Second, although your windows and doors don’t all need to match, try to have an overarching style in mind that correlates well with your home type.

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Basic Rules for Styling Your Windows and Doors

As we said, matching windows and doors aren’t necessary for your home. Still, complete mismatches of type, trim, and pattern without an overall style can result in an odd appearance. For example, one side window or door with a bold color for the trim may look out of sorts.

Placement is another major factor when selecting your windows and doors. Windows and doors on the back and sides of the house that differentiate from those on the front are often a nice touch. However, mixing and matching windows and doors that are close together on the same side can appear awkward.

Finally, keep your home type in mind. Modern door and window designs in a more antique home can look out of place. 

Style Ideas for Different Home Types

Traditional Homes

French patio doors perfectly complement traditional homes, such as Cape Cod, Colonial, and Georgian. Bay and bow and double-hung windows will complete the look. 

Victorian-style Homes

Double-hung windows also fit well in Victorian-style homes, but arched windows and even some custom designs provide a unique and gorgeous aesthetic. For the doors, consider decorative and stained glass panels.

Contemporary Homes

While traditional and Victorian-style homes regularly feature symmetry, modern homes often favor asymmetrical designs. Sliding doors, small glass windows, and an overall minimalist approach can make for a sleek yet stunning appearance in such homes.

Window and Door Replacements From Majestic Exteriors

Whichever door and window styles you choose, ensure they fit your practical and aesthetic preferences. Whether you opt for matching windows and doors or a unique and asymmetrical design, Majestic Exteriors can help with the renovation. 

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