Brick vs. Stone Masonry: Key Differences

Are you debating whether to use brick vs. stone for your next construction project? Both materials have a distinct look and offer different benefits to builders. Check out this breakdown of the key differences between each material.

Consulting with Majestic Exteriors LLC, Colts Neck’s masonry contractor, gives you a full picture of brick vs. stone masonry to determine which material is the best choice for your project.

Brick Masonry Benefits

In the brick vs. stone debate, brick brings a number of advantages. There are different types to choose from, such as cement, clay, and fly ash brick. Any type of brick will offer a uniform size and shape, making them easier to stack against the bonding agent.

The simplicity of brick masonry placement makes it a job that doesn’t require highly skilled labor. Bricks are an ideal, lightweight material for creating openings for doors or windows as well. They are fire-resistant to withstand combustion, per New Jersey’s masonry building code.

Another key advantage is that a brick veneer gives you the look of brick for less money than stone masonry.

Brick Masonry Challenges

Brick is overall weaker than stone, less weather resistant and more sucesptible to crushing or seismic damage.

Stone Masonry Benefits

Stone is a highly durable material that can withstand strong winds and extreme weather better than brick. This makes it an ideal choice for construction on weather-exposed features.

You can enjoy a custom look for your project thanks to the variety of stone shapes, colors, and textures available. The sophisticated aesthetic of stone masonry lasts for decades without the additional polishing work that brick projects require.

Stone Masonry Challenges

Stone masonry projects feature natural materials, so they can be more expensive than using man-made bricks. Maneuvering stones can be difficult, given how much heavier they are than bricks. Natural stones come in different shapes and don’t offer uniformity.

Stone masonry requires a certain level of skill when applying the dressing and binding. Unqualified contractors risk making mistakes that could extend the total project timeline and wind up costing more money in the long run.

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