What is The Difference Between Single and Double Hung Windows?

What is the difference between single and double-hung windows? These are two of the most popular window types for homeowners across New Jersey. But as similar as they may seem, single-hung and double-hung windows offer very different benefits in terms of price, energy efficiency, and appearance.

Majestic Exteriors LLC, New Jersey’s premier window and doors installation contractors, share what homeowners need to know about these window types so that they can make an informed decision.,

Single Hung Windows Are Affordable

Single-hung windows feature two components: a lower, movable sash and an upper, fixed sash.

Essentially, the top piece of the window stays in place while the lower piece moves as needed. These windows are common due to their affordable price point. However, single-hung windows offer limited efficiency, as they only allow airflow through the bottom sash.

Double Hung Windows Are Convenient

Double-hung windows feature two moving sashes. Both the top and lower portions of the window can move up and down within the window frame.

Although these windows cost more than single-hung windows, they do a much better job of optimizing energy savings. Hot air rises, so it can escape more freely out of the top sash while cool air flow from the outside comes in through the lower sash. An increase in efficiency will also lower your energy bill over time.

Choosing Between Single and Double Hung Windows

Deciding which window style works best for your needs shouldn’t be much of a challenge if you understand your priorities.

For example, if cost is a factor, single-hung windows tend to be cheaper than double-hung windows. They require fewer moving parts and are simpler to make. However, double-hung windows can help you save money in the long run, thanks to their increased energy efficiency.

When it comes to window cleaning, both styles have their strengths and weaknesses. Cleaning the top sash of a single-hung window is only possible from the outside, whereas you can clean both sashes of a double-hung window from inside your home.

Professional Window Servicing in New Jersey

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