What Is a Drip Edge on a Roof and Why Do You Need It?

What is a drip edge on a roof? Majestic Exteriors, a trusted roofing contractor in Colts Neck, NJ, answers many questions like this for homeowners in the Colts Neck area. Let us explain the function of a drip edge and why you should not neglect it when you repair or replace a roof.

The Features of a Drip Edge

The roof drip edge is a type of flashing. It is typically made of aluminum and protects the edge of the roof by keeping water and other intrusive threats from slipping between the roof shingles and underlying layers of the roof at the roof edge.

The drip edge is similar to other forms of metal flashing that protect the roof around chimneys, vents, and skylights. There are different types and styles of drip edges available, such as types L, C, and T.

Function of a Drip Edge

What is the drip edge on a roof, and what does it do? The drip edge forms a corrosion-resistant barrier that guides water down into the gutters without seeping between the roof layers. Additionally, the drip edge protects the fascia board, which is a piece of wood that support the gutters and caps the edge of the roof rafters. Without a drip edge, your roof could be susceptible to water damage.

An alternative roofing component that serves the same purpose is a gutter apron. Gutter aprons have a different shape and the installation process is different.

Finding and Installing a High-Quality Drip Edge

Experienced home improvement aficionados can install drip edges as DIY projects, but professional installation relieves homeowners of the hassle of finding supplies and climbing up on the roof. If you make mistakes with the installation, you might suffer a fall, expose yourself to the risk of roof leaks, endanger your gutters, void warranties, and jeopardize your insurance claim.

Drip Edge Installation and Repair From Majestic Exteriors

Majestic Exteriors brings over two decades of experience and a history of customer satisfaction to our business. Now that you have answers to the question “What is a drip edge on a roof?” we look forward to hearing from you with any follow-up questions and giving you a free estimate for your next roofing project.

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