Thin Bricks for Interior Walls: A Good Idea?

Thin Bricks for Interior Walls: A Good Idea?

Brick is a classic look that never goes out of style. It lends an air of elegance to your home while keeping it feeling modern. Thin bricks give the interior of your home the look you want without the extensive renovations required by real bricks. If you’re thinking of upgrading your home’s interior decor with brick, Majestic Exteriors LLC can help. We offer thin brick installation and masonry services to help you create a timeless brick look inside your home. 

Thin bricks (also called brick tiles) and regular bricks differ in several ways, most noticeably in thickness. Thin bricks measure between ¾ of an inch and one inch deep, while regular bricks measure three inches deep. Below, we offer some things to consider when creating a faux brick wall with thin bricks. 

Ease of Installation

While regular bricks often serve as the foundation for a structure of a wall or fireplace in your home, the sole purpose of thin bricks is to dress up an area. If you’re looking to create a brick look for your home without extensive renovations, thin brick is the key. 

Installing thin bricks requires application with a special adhesive, which is much easier than building an actual brick wall. This process speeds up the installation and saves money, while the material’s lightweight composition makes thin bricks easier to work with than their regular counterparts.  

Add Character to Any Room

The endless possibilities of brick veneers make them the perfect enhancement for your home. Adding a brick veneer to nearly any wall in your house immediately changes the atmosphere. Use texture and lighting to make the room warm and cozy, or make it modern with starker colors and decor.  


Thin bricks come in an array of colors, so you can customize your home’s interior. Other advantages include the option to mortar your bricks traditionally, completing the authentic brick look you desire. Faux brick walls add color to your home, while the variety of choices makes it easy to choose the brick that complements your home’s style and decor. 

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