The Dangers of Having an Old Roof

Roofs undergo considerable wear and tear. With enough time, your precious roof will deteriorate and decay no matter how strong it may seem. A house roof lacking proper structural support and integrity can cause severe issues for you and your family.

The roofing experts in Colts Neck at Majestic Exteriors are here to explain the dangers of having an old roof. We’ll lay out why a replacement roof could be right for you.

Pest Infestations

Roofing panels and components often crack and break because of age. Dry, damaged shingles give pesky pests like rodents and insects a way into your attic. Removing pests from your attic causes immense stress and financial costs, and a pest infestation could spread deadly diseases to you and your family.

Weather Damage

Ideally, your home’s roof should keep you safe from the elements. Intense storms are no match for a sturdy roof. However, older roofs with structural integrity issues often let rainwater in, leading to serious water damage.

Strong winds may send loose shingles flying through the air. Even worse, a weakened roof could collapse onto your home because of intense snowfall or a fallen tree. Reroofing a house with a cool roof can give you extra peace of mind and security, ensuring you and your family stay safe no matter the circumstances.

Building Code Violations

Many localities feature strict building codes regulating the types of materials roofs may use in their construction. These rules can shift as the years go by, as lawmakers may pass updated regulations restricting the use of certain materials. An old roof could incur considerable fines without you intending it to.

Insurance Issues

Home insurance includes coverage for necessary roof repairs. These plans recognize the importance of ensuring homeowners avoid the financial costs associated with repairs stemming from accidents or bad weather situations.

Often, insurance companies refuse to cover old roofs, seeing them as liabilities. If you own an old roof, be prepared for the possibility that your insurance company will waive coverage or fail to accept your claim in the event of an emergency.

The Best Roofing Experts in Colts Neck

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