Should Windows Be Installed Before Siding?

Should windows be installed before siding when you renovate your home’s exterior or build from scratch? Choosing how to install these two elements is only one decision in a long list of things you need to consider for a property to look its best.

Majestic Exteriors LLC has premier siding experts in Colts Neck, NJ. Below, they provide some helpful tips so that you can make the right decision about your roof and siding installation.

Windows Before Siding

What’s the first expert tip? It’s almost always better to install your windows before your siding. It prevents you from having to redo your siding work after replacing your windows.

New, energy-efficient windows require exterior installation, so it’s best to install them first. You may also want to add a moisture barrier or window capping, a task for experienced professionals. A team like Majestic Exteriors LLC can also determine whether your windows need updating or replacing in the first place.

Installing Windows and Siding At The Same Time

If your budget allows for it, consider doing both jobs simultaneously to prevent extra damage. Even if the upfront cost seems higher than you’d like, installing energy-efficient windows with high-grade siding and capping will net you great savings over time.

Reputable contractors will also take into account the condition of the current siding and windows before making recommendations. They’ll identify which part is the oldest and most damaged and might try to fix things first to prevent further property damage.

More Tips for Successful Window and Siding Installation

Consider the state of your home. Are there any serious repair or maintenance issues that deserve immediate attention? If windows or siding come to mind, it is better to fix these areas before moving on to other projects.

However, if there are no serious issues, consider saving money to do both your windows and siding at the same time. Why not ask your loved ones for contractor referrals so that you have a reliable local service provider on hand? It’s also best to look into tax credits for energy-efficient windows and greater savings long term.

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