Masonry Projects To Increase Home Value

Whether you have just purchased your home or are thinking of selling soon, it’s always beneficial to increase your property value. Masonry projects can increase your home’s curb appeal or reinvent the interior. The results will surely outweigh the initial investment.

When it comes to masonry projects, the possibilities are nearly endless. Though that may sound positive, it can also mean you don’t know where to start. If that’s the case, we’re here to help.

Our experts have compiled a list of masonry projects to increase your home’s value. Once you’ve found your ideal project, Majestic Exteriors’ trusted masonry contractors in Colts Neck, NJ, can bring it to life.

1. Build a Patio

A patio adds an extra dimension to any home. It’s beautiful from the outside, drawing the attention of passersby. At the same time, the patio provides an inviting space for the family and guests to congregate. 

2. Add a Water Feature

A water feature can give your home a sense of nature and serenity. Simply looking at or listening to water can positively impact a person’s mental well-being. Their effects make water features a sought-after addition to any home.

If you have the space in your front yard, consider a fountain for the main attraction to significantly increase curb appeal. A koi pond or small waterfall can transform the landscape if your back yard is more fitting.

3. Create an Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen quickly becomes the central space for family and guests, perfect for summer meals and gatherings. Simple outdoor materials, such as stonework, give off a professional yet warm aura. With an outdoor fireplace, the area will be perfect even in fall.

4. Elevate the Driveway

People generally won’t notice your driveway if it consists of standard concrete. Your home will attract buyer traffic with stone pavers in the driveway. Stone pavers are just as durable as concrete and require less maintenance.

5. Re-side With Brick

Brick houses are extremely popular with buyers, but you don’t need an entirely brick home. Brick masonry projects such as a simple re-siding can add to your home’s curb appeal and quickly draw buyer attention.

Quality Masonry From Majestic Exteriors

Once you find the ideal masonry projects for your home, the trusted experts at Majestic Exteriors will get the job done. Call us today at (848) 863-6775 to learn the difference between stone and brick masonry or get more masonry construction ideas.