How to Find a Masonry Contractor You Can Rely On

From brick walls to concrete foundations, stone construction requires the services of licensed contractors experienced in working with masonry. Many property owners don’t know how to find a masonry contractor, especially if they’ve never needed this home improvement service before.

Learn how to find the right masonry contractor for you with these tips from Colts Neck’s masonry service experts at Majestic Exteriors LLC.

Tips for Finding a Trustworthy Masonry Contractor

To find the most dependable masonry contractor in Colts Neck, start with these tips:

Ask Friends, Family Members, Neighbors, and Coworkers

Other property owners in your circle may have completed masonry work before and can recommend the company they worked with. Not only will you get names, but you can ask questions that masonry contractors may not answer as honestly as someone with your best interests at heart. You’ll also get a firsthand look at their work and learn about the company’s process.

Do Some Online Research, Including Reviews

If you’re wondering how to find a masonry contractor, you can turn to the internet to find local companies and review their services before giving them a call. You’ll also have the opportunity to check out the online customer reviews, including negative ones. These types of reviews say a lot about the company depending on how they respond, and you can tell how the business will handle your own complaints should you ever have any.

Request Information from the Company Itself

Some of the information you can expect to get from trustworthy and licensed contractors includes:

  • A copy of their business license
  • Documentation of their insurance
  • A list of references you can contact
  • Information on accepted payment options

This information allows you to ensure that you’re talking to a legally compliant and covered business. You can contact their references and confirm whether the company is part of the Department of Commerce’s concrete masonry checkoff program.

Get Quotes and Timelines in Writing

Before agreeing to work with a masonry contractor, get their quote and projected timeline in writing. You can then compare quotes from different contractors and choose the one that works best for your budget and schedule.

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