How Much Metal Roof Overhang Is Acceptable?

If you have a metal roof, its overhang needs to be long enough to satisfy a few important criteria. Majestic Exteriors LLC, a roofing company in Colts Neck, NJ, explains how much metal roof overhang you should have on your property.

Why Overhang Length Matters

As the name implies, a roof’s overhang is the portion that jets out over the side of a building or house. This extra space is essential for protecting the roof from storm and water damage. An overhang will prevent water from seeping beneath the materials and reduce your need for roof maintenance.

Climate Determines An Appropriate Length

Not every roof needs the same amount of overhang. Since the main function of the overhang is to prevent water damage, homes with higher amounts of snow or rainfall need a longer overhang. This can extend out by two feet maximum, whereas roofs in dry climates don’t need an overhang.

How Much Metal Roof Overhang Do You Need?

When contractors install metal roofing panels, they typically avoid leaving an overhang around the gable edges, which bend when carrying a heavy load. However, the average overhang length for a metal roof is only about four inches. To combat water damage, roofers may supplement the slight overhang with drip edge flashing to prevent moisture from seeping in.

You can also extend the overhang by as much as a foot by installing wood-framed eaves to support your metal panels. This draws moisture further away from your house and helps support additional snow or ice weight so the panels don’t bend.

Does the Slope Matter?

You don’t need to adjust the overhang according to the slope of your roof. However, roofers will adjust the type of metal panels they install.

Flatter roofs tend to collect more weight from snow and ice, so they need a standing seam panel to withstand the weight. Steeper roofs typically use less sturdy corrugated panels since they don’t have to bear as much weight.

Let Professionals Update Your Metal Roof

To learn more about metal roof overhangs and determine how much your roof needs, reach out to Majestic Exteriors LLC. Our professionals will supply you with a high-quality metal roof and explain all the best ways to keep it in good shape, such as installing a drip edge on a roof. Give us a call at (732) 577-9813 to schedule a roof inspection.