Five Telltale Signs of Storm Damage to Your Roof

Five Telltale Signs of Storm Damage to Your Roof

Roofs play a critical role in the safety and comfort of our homes and businesses. When storms occur, rooftops can become damaged by wind, heavy rain, debris, tree limbs, and more. 

As a property owner, you understand the importance of promptly repairing any roof damage. Sometimes, however, storm damage may be tricky to spot. At Majestic Exteriors, we can help. 

We’re Colts Neck’s trusted roofing company, and in this blog, we cover five signs of storm damage to a roof. To learn more about storm damage repair and other services, contact our team today. 

Five Signs of Storm Damage to Your Roof 

To protect your home and roof, check for these signs of damage after every severe weather event. If regular checkups challenge your schedule or ability, schedule maintenance services with a trusted professional in your area.  

#1: Missing Shingles

One of the most obvious signs of damage concerns missing shingles, indicating your roof structures and or attic spaces experienced storm damage. If left unreplaced, missing shingles can contribute to leaks, mold growth, decay, and other issues. 

#2: Damaged or Missing Gutters

Sometimes, heavy wings or debris can dislodge gutters. If you notice bent, dislodged, or missing gutters around your home, consider calling storm damage professionals. 

#3: Dark or Sunken Spots

Heavy rain and debris can cause damage that shingles hide. Over time, untreated damage beneath shingles can lead to sunken or darkened spots on your roof. If you notice your roof is uneven in surface or color, you may have storm damage. 

#4: Internal Water Infiltration

Among the signs of storm damage to a roof, water inside the home proves to be one of the most dangerous and tricky to diagnose. Water from a storm-damaged roof can travel through ceiling spaces and walls, causing damage in seemingly unrelated locations.  

#5: Visible Debris

If you notice debris such as limbs, heavy leaves, trash, or other items on your roof, it’s time for an inspection. Even if the debris doesn’t seem like much, limbs and other heavy objects can dislodge shingles, damage underlayment, and cause other issues. 

Find Expert Roofing Maintenance and Repair in Colts Neck

Now that you know the signs of storm damage to a roof, you know when to call in a reliable roofing company. 

Keep browsing our blog if you’d like to know when to replace your roof and other essential information. To schedule expert roofing services in Colts Neck, call Majestic Exteriors at 848-863-6775 today.