Five Brick Walkway Ideas To Consider for Your Home

Home exterior renovations can transform your yard’s appearance. These projects bring immense joy and satisfaction to homeowners everywhere, giving them a chance to customize and revolutionize their living spaces as they see fit. A brick walkway, complete with garden bricks or other accentuating features, may be ideal for your property.

Majestic Exteriors is Colts Neck’s masonry service of choice. We encourage you to consider the following five brick walkway ideas.

1. Aged Brick

Aged brick walkways make use of authentic used bricks. These pathways have a distressed appearance that is timeless. A brick pathway can and will add charm to your home.

2. Straight Walkway

Straight walkways consist of brick pieces that we lay linearly to direct attention to a focal point. Doing so adds a striking visual accent to any property that makes it stand out. While you may choose your endpoint in question, typically, these pathways have a single end: your front step.

Many of our customers prefer these simple yet ingenious walkways.

3. Curved Walkway

Winding down a designated path, a curved walkway takes guests on a brief yet whimsical journey through your property. You may obscure the endpoint with foliage or leave it visible. These pathways have earned their spot among the best ideas for brick walkways by providing tremendous flexibility.

4. Garden Walkway

Directing a straight or curved pathway through a garden brings you and your visitors closer to nature. These garden pathways may use stone, bricks, or other materials, but the core concept remains unchanged. We recommend selecting your favorite flowers and plants with the color and style of brick in mind (or vice versa).

Garden pathways require extra care and maintenance. Watch for common problems with brick masonry if you own a garden walkway.

5. Paver Walkway

A paver pathway features interlocking panels. Smooth and comfortable to travel, paver walkways may consist of any type of brick. Consider a paver walkway if you’re interested in a practical yet stylish design, especially if you want a more restrained appearance.

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