Does Vinyl Siding Fade?

Vinyl siding is a superb and aesthetically pleasing way to accent your home’s exterior. These panels tend to be sturdy and reliable. However, many homeowners ask, “Does vinyl siding fade?”

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In this guide, we’ll explain the causes of faded vinyl siding, when you can expect your siding to fade, and some of the best ways to care for your siding.

Causes of Faded Vinyl Siding

Does vinyl siding fade? While the answer to this question is a simple yes, there’s nothing simple about understanding the causes of faded vinyl siding.

Here are a few causes of faded vinyl siding.

UV Light

Sunlight contains UV light rays, intense wavelengths of light that can cause your vinyl siding to fade with consistent exposure.


Constant rain storms and other forms of moisture eat away at your siding over time. Even an occasional storm can contribute to fading, and with enough time, you may notice your siding lose its luster.


Oxidation refers to a chemical reaction in response to oxygen exposure. While not all vinyl will oxidize, repeated exposure to moisture could manifest as a white residue on your siding.

When Will My Vinyl Siding Fade?

Your vinyl siding may hold up well at first. However, after 10 to 15 years, vinyl siding tends to fade from constant exposure to sunlight and varying weather conditions.

Faded Vinyl Siding Solutions

Now that you understand the answer to “Does vinyl siding fade?” you may be interested in learning how to restore it. Here are several tips you to follow for vinyl siding restoration.

Frequent Cleaning

Take the time to clean your vinyl siding from time to time. Use a soft brush with a vinegar solution or a mix of dish detergent and water. A gentle rinse from your garden hose is all you need to finish the job.

Professional Painters

If your siding is painted, the occasional touch-up from a professional can work wonders.

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