Does New Siding Increase Home Value

Does New Siding Increase Home Value?

Whether you’re new to owning a home or have years of experience under your belt, you know the importance of keeping up with exterior maintenance. If your home has siding, however, you may wonder if new siding makes a smart investment. 

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If you wonder, “Does new siding increase home value?” you’ve come to the right place. Below, we cover all the ways new siding changes your home for the better. 

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How New Siding Increases Home Value

Many homeowners hesitate to install new siding on their homes, citing the lack of need or budget concerns. In truth, installing new siding can benefit a residential property in many ways. New siding does increase home value, especially when done right. 

Improved Protection 

Over time, siding ages and wears down. For houses using wood or organic siding material, this aging process can result in decay, mold, and other issues. When siding becomes porous, peels, warps, or becomes damaged, it exposes walls and other structures to weather damage. 

Installing new siding protects your home from insects, moisture, and other threats. 

Better Curb Appeal 

Looking to sell your home? Increase your home’s curb appeal and catch the attention of a potential buyer by updating your house’s siding. 

Installing new siding provides a great opportunity to customize your home and give it a crisp, fresh look before going on the market. 

Safer Materials

As we mentioned above, some homes use wooden or organic siding materials. In older houses, siding may have harmful chemicals or splintered surfaces. 

Installing new siding removes damaged or toxic materials. 


Choosing new siding for your home offers you a chance to customize your home’s appearance. Select siding in bold new colors and update your home’s trim to give the building a total makeover. 

Types of New Siding Material 

Considering updating your home’s siding? Manufacturers make siding from a variety of materials, including: 

  • Vinyl 
  • Wood
  • Metal 
  • Fiber cement

Speak to siding professionals in your area to learn more about which siding best suits your home. 

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