Does a Deck Add Value to Your Home?

Whether selling your home or keeping property values up to improve equity, nothing does so like renovations. Home improvement projects, especially ones that extend indoor and outdoor spaces, are popular among Colts Neck, NJ, residents looking to improve their greatest investment. But does a deck add value to your home?

At Majestic Exteriors LLC, our dedication to excellence encourages our passion for designing and renovating home exteriors. With our passion comes over 25 years of experience. So, trust us to explain the pros of installing a deck.

Why Do Decks Add Value?

Decks make your home feel spacious inside and out since this is where the two connect. For instance, if connecting to the kitchen, the deck feels like an extension, serving as an outdoor dining area. Other times, it’s an extension of your yard if you use it for other outdoor activities like barbeques and pools.

It adds square footage to the house, which, according to the National Association of Realtors, causes 74% of homeowners to enjoy their homes more. They also claim that 81% of homeowners have a greater desire to spend time in their home after the project completion, an appeal that also attracts homebuyers looking into that home.

Factors That Affect Deck Value

Now that you know the answer to “Does a deck add value to your home?” is a yes, what factors help you receive the biggest return on investment?

1. Materials

When you build a deck out of wood, the permeable material absorbs water. Therefore, a wooden deck needs regular painting, staining, and sealing, unlike composite decking that remains durable with occasional cleaning.

2. Deck Type

If something looks out of place, it can bring down property value. Therefore, small abodes should have petite decks like attached, wrap-around, or side yard decks. Larger homes can extend further with island, multi-level, or portico decking.

3. Atmosphere

Warmer climates further west give decks a higher ROI of 42.82% compared to the 37.4% ROI midwest decks receive. Residents in the west enjoy their decks year-round, making them more appealing in warmer atmospheres.

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