Cast Stone vs. Natural Stone: Which Is Best for Your Outdoor Space?

Cast stone vs. natural stone, which way to go? Both are great options for creating beautiful outdoor spaces but deciding which one is right for you requires you to know how the weather in your area will affect your type of stone, your design priorities, and your budget.

There are many moving parts to consider, but fortunately, you’ve got experts in your corner. At Majestic Exteriors, we’ve provided high-quality masonry services in Colts Neck, NJ, for more than 20 years, and we have the answers to all your masonry questions.

Pros and Cons of Cast Stone vs. Natural Stone

Let’s begin by breaking down the pros and cons of cast stone vs. natural stone.

Cast Stone

Cast stone is a man-made stone material comprised of precast concrete blends. One of the major benefits of cast stone is its adaptability.

Since cast stone is prefabricated, it has numerous shapes, sizes, and colors available. Cast stone is also significantly more cost-effective than natural stone.

The downside of cast stone is that while it is very durable, it cannot match natural stone’s longevity. Cast stone is more sensitive to cold weather than natural stone and breaks down faster in cold climates.

Natural Stone

Natural stone is a beautiful, durable substance that requires minimal maintenance and can withstand natural elements for decades. However, the downside is that natural stone is cumbersome, expensive to alter, and significantly more expensive than cast stone.

Natural stone is a lifetime investment, and many people insist on natural stone because of its beautiful, natural surface variances. However, cast stone technology is advancing quickly and, in many cases, looks just as good as natural stone without the hefty price tag to match.

Which Type of Stone Is Best for You?

If you set your heart on custom architectural elements, cast stone is the best option for keeping costs manageable. If money is not an issue, you can hire sculptors to carve designs in natural stone installations. If you live in a cold climate, natural stone is best because it can withstand freezing climates for a long time.

Get Expert Advice from Masonry Professionals

So, cast stone vs. natural stone, which is better for you? Only you know.

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