Bulging Brick Wall: Causes and Fixes

One of the most stressful experiences you’ll have as a homeowner is noticing bowing or bulging in your brick wall. It’s a problem that typically appears during winter. However, you might notice it at any time.

What causes a bulging brick wall? How can you fix it? The premium masonry service in Colts Neck, NJ, covers the details in this article.

The Causes of a Bulging Brick Wall

The biggest cause of bulges in brick walls is water entering the mortar joints. Once trapped behind the wall, the water will expand, causing the bricks to bulge.

Bulges typically begin or worsen in the winter months because the moisture in the wall will contract and expand as the wall freezes and thaws through the winter months.

The bulge will continue to grow if you ignore it across multiple winters.

How To Fix a Bulging or Bowed Brick Wall

The right approach for fixing a bulging brick wall will depend on the level of damage and the mason’s experience level. However, thanks to the masonry checkoff program and other industry advancements, there are now more options for fixing bulging in brick walls than ever.

Some of the top options are as follows:

Use of Carbon Fiber Straps

The contractor will wrap the straps around the bowed wall. The resulting tension will help pull the bricks back into position over time.

Use of Wall Anchors

Wall anchors help fix bulging by relieving wall pressure and preventing more movement. The anchor provides long-lasting support for your wall.

Use of Helical Ties

The helical ties option is one of the most expensive methods of correcting bulging in brick or stone walls. It’s the best choice if your walls have bowed over two inches.

Brick Reinstallation

If none of the options above can fix your bulging brick wall, your contractor will likely recommend removing bricks from the affected area and installing new ones. Keep in mind that this is not a DIY project.

Get Expert Help for Your Bulging Brick Wall

The only way to effectively combat a bulging brick wall and avoid the attendant risks is to work with a licensed and certified masonry company with the right experience to take on the project.

That’s what the Majestic Exteriors team in Colts Neck, NJ, offers homeowners in the area. Call us today at 848-863-6775 to schedule a consultation. We can also install thick bricks for interior walls.