Are Wood Windows Better Than Vinyl?

When adding new household windows, your biggest concern is ensuring they suit your structure’s style and will stand the test of time. However, all window materials have different requirements that, if followed, allow you to enjoy their unique offerings for a long time. Even with plenty of options available, two stand out the most, making the real question, “Are wood windows better than vinyl?”

Before you search “exterior renovations near me in Colts Neck, NJ,” our Majestic Exteriors LLC team will help you break down the pros and cons of wood and vinyl window materials.

When Does Wood Work

The biggest draw of wood is the material’s aesthetics that complement any rustic abode, from farmhouses and bungalows to French country and mid-century modern styles. It creates a traditional and classic look with a natural beauty, but these are far from the only pros.

1. Energy Efficiency

From hot and humid air and UV rays to cool winter weather, these extreme temperatures don’t transmit through wood. Therefore, wood has a high insulation level for more energy efficiency.

2. Improved Home Value

Wood is attractive to all home buyers, meaning this installation improves property value and curb appeal, making it more desirable on the market. On average, you receive a return on investment of 67.4% on the wooden windows.

Veering Off Into Vinyl

Unfortunately, high summer humidity and lashing snow and rain lead to rot, deterioration, and pest infestations. Vinyl, however, is water-resistant for more long-lasting durability, but you can choose a wood grain finish vinyl to still get that wood look. You’ll also receive the following:

1. Inexpensiveness

On average, vinyl replacement windows cost between 15% and 25% less than wood to install. So, choose vinyl if you need a cost-effective choice, especially when on a tight budget.

2. Lower Maintenance

If you’re wondering, “Are wood windows better than vinyl?” consider how much work you’re willing to put into your windows. While cleaning and inspecting them is a good habit, you don’t need to regularly repaint, stain, or seal them like you would for wood that peels and chips.

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