6 Most Popular Window Styles

6 Most Popular Window Styles

Windows are one type of fixture that many homeowners neglect. However, several popular window styles can add a unique flair and aesthetic to your home. Today, the team at Majestic Exteriors is here to talk about the most popular window styles homeowners should consider. 

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1. Single Hung

Single-hung windows are one of the most common window stylings due to their simple design and easy operation. Single-hung windows have a lower glass pane that you can lift to open. These types of windows are energy efficient and relatively cheap to install. 

2. Double Hung

Double-hung windows are an advancement of the single-hung window style. Unlike single-hung windows, double-hung windows can open at the top or the bottom. The design allows you to choose how to open your window to adapt to the changing weather. 

3. Sliding

Sliding windows are an excellent option for larger windows in your kitchen or living room. These windows provide excellent natural light and have a simple mechanism for opening and closing. Sliding windows also allow for good airflow during temperate months. 

4. Bay 

Bay windows are a classic addition because they allow large amounts of natural light and have a luxurious feel. These types of windows feature three sections that jut out from the side of the home, creating a noticeable fixture you can see from the exterior of your house. However, bay windows are relatively expensive compared to other types of windows. 

5. Awning

Casement or awning windows feature a single pane of glass and crank open with a small handle. These types of windows are very popular in older homes because of their retro design and ability to allow airflow without allowing water to enter the property. These kinds of windows are also good for bathrooms because they provide excellent ventilation while retaining privacy. 

6. Garden

Garden windows have a sloped roof with a shelf in the middle for plants and other items. These types of windows provide excellent light control and work well in kitchens and bathrooms to expand the space. 

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