3 Different Types of Siding You Should Know About

Siding is an integral aspect of any home for two crucial reasons. First, your home’s siding acts as a hard exterior shell, protecting everything inside from the harsh elements. Second, suitable siding materials, colors, and designs can increase your home’s curb appeal. 

Investing in new siding can boost your home’s resale value. However, the wide range of siding types can make for a difficult decision. To help you out, our experts have compiled a list of three types of siding you should know about.

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1. Vinyl

Vinyl is among the most popular types of siding due to its affordability and versatility. Vinyl siding comes in many styles, allowing you to personalize your home and enhance its curb appeal. Each color, texture, and pattern is relatively cheap to purchase, install, and maintain.

Being on the more affordable end of siding materials, vinyl isn’t as durable as other options. Still, vinyl siding is resistant to weather, insects, and fading.

2. Wood

Wood siding is rarer and more expensive than vinyl, but its classic look provides a curb appeal that’s hard to beat. Natural wood requires regular maintenance to prevent termites and ensure flame resistance. Painting and staining every few years are also necessary if you intend to uphold the wood’s beauty and condition. 

The siding’s lifespan depends on the wood you choose, but well-maintained natural wood typically lasts around 40 years. More costly woods, such as cedar and redwood, have longer lifespans. If you’re interested in the classic wooden look for your home but want to save money, consider manufactured wood siding.

3. Metal

Metal is an increasingly popular siding choice for homeowners. Despite the upfront investment, metal siding’s durability and long lifespan make up for the cost. Metal siding requires little maintenance and is resistant to fire, mold, bugs, and weather.

Because metal siding is recyclable, it’s the ideal option for eco-conscious homeowners. Manufacturers can also use metals to imitate other siding materials, or you can opt to paint your metal siding to increase curb appeal.

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Each of these three different types of siding you should know about has its pros and cons. Make your ultimate decision based on your preferences and home needs. For help choosing exterior siding colors, call Majestic Services at (848) 863-6775.